Tribute to Ben's & Jerry!

Again, this is Part 2 of my 3 layouts I did for Scraplicious Design Team assignment:) Had lots of fun taking pictures of them! I made it in a "Polaroid" style at the bottom of the page! Just wanting to express my thanks for Ben's & Jerry, who has helped motivate me through my exams! My favorite flavour is definitely New York Chocolate Fudge! Though sinful, it never fails to make me happy when skies are grey! :)




Products used:
-Brown polka dots coordination cardstock
-Echo Park - Happy Days Collection :
-Journalling cards
-Element stickers
-Alphabet stickers

-Tattered Angels - burnt red, frozen lake,apricot, autumn night and peppermint stick
-EK Success double crotchet lace punch
-Twinery twines

So guys, when was the last time you scrap about your favourite food?! Start collecting the packaging and scrapping now!:)

Hope you have enjoyed this layout as much as I did! Till my next posting, take care and God Bless! 


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