Pom Pom Gift Box!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone's warm and safe!:D And sharing a pom pom box I created!:D I love decorating gift boxes with twines!:D

Again, using my snowflake stamp with white pigment ink on inexpensive brown paper, I created my very own wrapping paper!:D Try it!:D

 photo DIYgiftwrappingpaper-Copy_zpsea986dda.jpg

 photo IMG_0727_zpsfed5ad67.jpg
 photo IMG_0728_zpsaf7f125b.jpg

And I created this gift box with Timeless Twine Cherry Red!:D

Till my next update, take care and God Bless!:D

Time for gift wrapping!:D

Hello all! Ain't you excited for Christmas?! Busy trying to find those nice wrapping papers to match your presents? How about making your very open in say less than 5 minutes?! 

With just a nice snowflake stamp with white pigment ink, I decorated a roll of inexpensive brown papers and personalised them accordingly!:) 

 photo DIYgiftwrappingpaper-Copy_zpsea986dda.jpg

 photo giftwrapping_zps18b0b792.jpg

And a tip to share for taking nice photos! I love using PicMonkey (www.picmonkey.com) to edit my photos! The online software is really simple to use and FREE too!:) And basically taking photos in the day with bright diffused sunlight!:) I hope this helps in letting you create nicer Christmas photos!:) 

Till my next update, take care and God Bless!:D

Gift Wrapping Christmas!

Hello all! Hope you guys are warm and safe! Here's a quick post sharing what I did for Timeless Twine gift wrapping Christmas month!:D

 photo IMG_0723_zps141526be.jpg

 photo IMG_0717_zpsb43b8c85.jpg

And I used Timeless Twine Natural twine for this project!

Hope you have enjoyed it!

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Thanks for dropping by and have a twine-fastic day! Take care and God bless!


Christmas Album Tutorial!

Heyyie all! It's the time of the year again!:)Woo! Exactly 13 more days to Christmas!  Have you started preparing gifts for family and friends? Fret not if you haven't! Here's a short tutorial to share! Making Christmas keepsake albums under 15 minutes! 

 photo christmasalbum_zps7052aef4.jpg

 photo instructionsforalbumpart1_zps62c244b5.jpg

 photo instructionsforchristmasalbumpart2_zps5c08edc3.jpg

 photo compilation_zps79e40a6c.jpg

Hope this tutorial is useful!!:)

Till my next update, take care and God Bless!:D