Graduation cards!

Heyyie all! Hello Thursday! Thankful it will be Friday in a few hours and to another short weekend break! Have been busy lately with designing a series of graduation cards for my client! I am so thankful for her support thus far!! 

Thanks also to all who has been supporting handmade items!:):)

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsc36c6033.jpg

These are a few of the closeup shots!

Card Series 1
 photo IMG_7262_zps40a22769.jpg

 photo IMG_7259_zpsb776bd52.jpg

 photo IMG_7267_zpsb7a61732.jpg

Card Series 2
 photo IMG_7272_zps9e37a080.jpg

Card Series 3
 photo IMG_7273_zps2e2c3c9e.jpg

Till my next update, have a great weekend, take care and God Bless!:)

First Blog Post for Timeless Twine

Heyyie guys! I can't contain my excitement! I did my first blog post for Timeless Twine! Check this entry at : Love is You & Me

So for Scraplicious and Timeless Twine DT this month, I decided to create a 11 X 8.5 layout to fit into the special plastic folders for my Project Life!

Now that Valentine's Day is nearing, I hope this project will give you more ideas on how to use the very awesome and yummy Timeless Twines as well as Crate Paper Fourteen Collection!

 photo IMG_7100_zpse2d53360.jpg

 photo IMG_7099_zpsfbc8d7d2.jpg

 photo IMG_7119_zps75c70ef7.jpg
The tabs holding the pictures!

I used Timeless Twines in 3 ways for this project!

 photo IMG_7101_zpsc87e958c.jpg

 photo IMG_7108_zps374c0373.jpg

 photo IMG_7107_zps5c385d80.jpg

The twines were used to replace my embroidery threads and I stitched the word "Love" on the cardstock with different coloured twines.

Then, I tied 2 small ribbons to the chipboard to add interest and contrast.

 photo IMG_7111_zpsce47351e.jpg

Lastly, I was inspired by the metal cans on wedding cars during weddings and tied the twines onto small tiny wooden spools and attached them to the back of the bicycle!

Supplies used:

-Crate Paper Fourteen Collection
-Cameo adhesives stickers
-Cameo digital cards
-Timeless Twines - bubble gum pink, cherry red, lemonade yellow, strawberry cupcake and pumpkin orange

Till my next update, take care and God bless!

Project Life Special - Edmund & Huiyi

Heyyie all! Sharing a special Project Life spread, commemorating my cousin's registry of marriage. So honoured and thankful to be one of the photographers covering the event! And these are the ones edited with Photoshop! :)

The ceremony is held at Sculpture Square and it's one of Singapore's heritage site! How lovely and meaningful!:) 

 photo IMG_7207_zpsdeb86d67.jpg

 photo IMG_7211_zps1aa860de.jpg

 photo IMG_7218_zps5ad1c49a.jpg

Supplies used:
-Project Life Clementine Collection Kit
-Cameo digital cuts

Plus, I challenged myself to have both spread completed under 30 mins! And I did it! Woo! So, afraid that scrapping can be taking too much of your time? Think twice!:P

Hope you have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it! 

Till my next update, take care and God Bless!

Project Life Week 3

Heyyie guys! Good day to all! Sharing Week 3 of my Project Life spread! I know it has been a roll! HAHA, would probably slow down in the couple of days! Have been busy juggling with studies, scraping commitments and personalised services for my clients! Happy to be busy yet stressful at times!

So, for this PL spread, I decided to add in more Cameo digital cuts! Love how nicely cut they are! Oh yes, Cameo is a scrapbooker's best friend! Fit a design in and it goes ZOMPS EEE ZOMPS EE and ta-da, perfect cuts are created:P

 photo IMG_7712_zps0b16ff7c.jpg

Singapore Mandai Zoo
Don't we all LOVE the zoo and night safari? HAHA! And more savings using the NTUC card! We didn't pay the extra 5 bucks to enter the Panda enclosure. Probably during my next trip back! Just not worth the long wait and they limit 250 people inside and must be out within 15 mins. Bah.

Island Creamery & La Petite
For their second last day in Singapore, we went to try the french restaurant at Serene Center! Though the set up looks really simple and humble, the food tasted pretty decent and the chef is french!:) For that, my sis got to taste her favourite French food! Ya, she has been craving for Vis~a~Vis foie gras for the longest time but missed it as they were closed for renovation.

Lastly, not forgetting the lovely Orea chocolate mud pie at Island Creamery! Woo! Because ice cream makes everyone happy!!

Other than that, it was mainly accompanying my sis around and she got to do a Chinese-styled studio wedding shoot and look at those lovely make-up!!:) Have I told you guys yet? I am going for a basic make-up workshop! Yay to a NEW me :P

 photo IMG_7711_zpsd04042f8.jpg

 photo IMG_7199_zps383251b1.jpg

 photo IMG_7203_zpsc1a5c789.jpg

Supplies used: 
-Project Life Core Kit Clementine collection
-Thickers Silver alphabet stickers
-Teresa Collins Tell your story stickers
-Cameo cuts

Till my next update, take care and God Bless!

Project Life Week 2

Heyyie! Sharing my Project Life Week 2 spread!:) Love the part about documenting daily memories, be it good or bad! 

 photo IMG_7716_zps7e72c4e1.jpg


It's been awhile since I last made a trip to Chinatown but I used this opportunity of bringing my bro-in-law around to once again hunt for old treasures! I love how unique Chinatown is, with much rich heritage and a deep sense of belonging and identity amongst the residents living in the area, which also comprises mostly of the elderly. It's also about knowing more about my tradition, which the younger generation is slowly losing as well. Oh look at those uncles playing checkers! Trust me, they are really GOOD at it!

Food for thought (Botanical Gardens)
Savour old favourites like creamy scrambled eggs, gula melaka granola and pulled pork burgers. Situated just at the entrance of Botanical Gardens, it's one of my favourite places to chill with friends over a cup of tea and savoury food! Thankful to be spending it with Sheryl and Eepeng, two girls that are so cute and close to heart.

Hearty breakfast
How great to wake up to a nice and hearty breakfast specially prepared by Kee Yao!! Surprise for our 9 months anniversary! Have I told you he can cook awesome scramble eggs! Whoa, so fluffy and milky, that of Jordan Ramsey (jk! :P) So thankful for him!

Happy Mail Day
Recently my friend came back from Korea and we got together to do a spree of wooden stamps! So I guess I am proud to say that it's sorta a small business? :P Ya, my mum always scold me for being too helpful but I got so many FREE wooden stamps! So obviously need to do some work right?:)Heee...

 photo IMG_7715_zpsebccc284.jpg

I am also so thankful and honoured to be given the opportunity to be part of the Timeless Twine Design Team! I love those yummy colours they produce and looking at them just makes me so HAPPY! 

 photo IMG_7189_zpsa9ccf35d.jpg

Supplies used:
- Project Life Core Kit - Clementine Collection
- Thickers silver alphabet stickers
- Teresa Collins Tell my story stickers
- Printables

Most are available at Scraplicious so head on down soon!

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!:)

Till my next update, take care and God Bless!:)

Project Life Week 1

It's mid week and how are things coming along? Sharing with you Week 1 of my Project Life spread! I have quite a few people asking me how I actually do up a PL spread! So... I guess anything works? I mean in scrapbooking, if you know the basics and the correct use of space, you can almost never ever go wrong.... In addition, it's what you are scrapping about that matters right?

For beginners, I know it's pretty overwhelming stepping into a scrapbook store with so many brands, collections and designs to choose from and you don't exactly know where to start.... I have definitely been there once! My advice would probably be to start thinking about the contents than buying anything that looks nice (which very often makes us spend a hefty sum!)

So for PL, honestly speaking, I am still adjusting. I have been so used to scrapping 12X12 layouts or altered projects that making everything fit into pockets seem like a pretty daunting task :P That is also why, a part of me will never leave traditional scrapbooking :D.

Why start on PL then, besides the fact that it's a trend now? I guess that there is only that much pictures you can add into a layout and not make it look so cluttered so I love PL because I can now scrap daily moments and memories and add them into pocket sized folders that is convenient to store in large albums than finding walls around the house to hang your 12X12! And it's really what works for you! Be it adding your ticket stubs or snack wrapper or making something really elaborate, it will never go wrong!! So take it easy! :D

The supplies you will probably need are basic scrapbooking papers (or PL core kits that are already well-cut and lovely), scraps, lots of small alphabet stickers, washi tape, sewing machine(:P) ... ANYTHING!:) 

I hope this post helps though there weren't any concrete suggestions! XD Again, have fun scrapping! It will certainly look fine! Tag or share with me your supplies! Would love to see you guys capturing life's daily moments!!

This is my Week 1 PL spread:

 photo IMG_7720_zpsc0120577.jpg

 photo IMG_7167_zps2cfb7ec7.jpg

 photo IMG_7155_zps0a035e99.jpg

 photo IMG_7179_zps90ccfdb0.jpg

I added a small pocket at the back of the card for more photos! Try it if you can't seem to find enough space to place all your photos in a spread!

Supplies used:
- Project Life Core Kit Clementine Collection
-Various collections from Crate Paper 

Most products are available from Scraplicious so head on down soon!


Till my next update, take care and God bless!

Project Life Special!

Heyyie guys! How have you been? Been really busy for the past 2 weeks and am thankful for a week to catch up on 3 weeks of my Project Life, plus lots of new updates and photos!

Sharing with you this special layout I did for my sis and bro-in-law! I used 2 cards from the Project Life Clementine Collection and the rest were from printables!! Best of all, they are free! A huge thanks to all the awesome designers out there!! If you are interested, here's a few links I compiled (not exhaustive):

 photo IMG_7131_zps1e7fa337.jpg

 photo IMG_7173_zpsef9c4144.jpg

 photo IMG_7174_zpsa388cedf.jpg

Check out their blog for all the inspiration besides their yummy goodies!!

Head on to Pinterest and you will find LOADS more! So, it's never too late to start Project Life ya? ;)If you are worried about getting quality prints or finding the most convenient way to print, check out my blog post on my trustworthy Canon printer! Hope this helps!

Come join me to document Life's Simplest Moments this 2013! 

Till my next update, take care and God Bless!:)

Canon: Delighting you always! ;)

Heyyie!! I have finally some time and decided to catch up on Project Life (I know I am 2 weeks late but better than never ya?:P) And getting a little stressed up with nearing deadlines! Hoping to squeeze some creative juices out from my brain! Any tips to share on where you get your inspiration from?

I have quite a few comments from my friends asking me how do I usually print photos and am sharing with you! I recently bought a Canon ip4970 photo printer(for S$199) and love it lots!


I love the quality from the Photo Paper Plus semi-gloss! And the printed photo was really close to the quality reflected on the desktop.


Ta-da! Printed and cut!


I love that the Canon printer software allow us to choose different photo layouts! So convenient for scrapbooking!


Check out these Instagram photos! So impressed that even though the photos were enlarge, the quality was still good!

What kind of photo paper are you currently using? Or printers you love? Would love to hear them!

Till my next update, take care and God Bless!

Happy Mail Day!!

Heyyie guys! Just a really short update today! Sorry I haven't been blogging much as I was so busy accompanying my sis and bro-in-law around in Singapore and catching up with friends for this short holiday period! 

Amidst all these, I was so excited and happy to receive my mail all the way from US! So many spools with such yummy colours to play with! Watch out for my upcoming projects with these twines at the end of January! :) Will update again there!

How's everyone? Whatcha doing this January? Preparing for Valentine's Day! Oh, I have a few to-do crafts up my sleeve :P

Till my next update, take care and God Bless!:)

2013 Resolutions

Happy New Year!! Starting 2013 with a bang! For Scraplicious DT assignment, I started with a layout at first and wanted to add in so many embellishments that I ended up with 2 layouts instead! So many thanksgiving and resolutions for year 2012/2013! And best of all, I LOVE Crate On Trend Collection SO MUCH!! The colours are so vibrant and just so MY STYLE! I can't wait to scrap every bit of the leftovers!! Watch out for more projects soon!

And for this year, I have decided to embark on Project Life - documenting my weekly journey through 2013 using the Clementine Collection! How lovely and vibrant the colours are! Follow me for updates ya?:) And 'Like' my Facebook page - Simply Handmade. It's a platform for me to showcase my works!

Thankful for 2012:
-Loving family and friends
-Able to raise $1500 for the Movement of the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore(MINDS) during my 21st Birthday!
-Went for a 2 weeks overseas community involvement program to Medan, Indonesia 
-To be a designer for Scraplicious
-Growing in the Word

These are all that I can think of now but I believe there are certainly more things to be thankful for. May 2013 be a great year too!:)

Here's my project:

















Products used:
-Crate Paper On Trend Collection
-Prima Say It in Crystals
-Prima Interlude B flowers
-EK Success double crotchet and binding edge punch
-Divine Twine - Airmail
-Thickers Brown Cupboard alphabets
-American Crafts glittered cardstock
-Cameo matchbox digital cut

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did! Most products are available at Scraplicious so head on down now! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!