A year of giving! *End of giveaway*

Heyyie guys! Been awhile since I last updated this blog! Busy lately with school exams and assignments! My 21st birthday is nearing and in line with my theme of the year : A year of giving, I would like to take this opportunity to share some RAK(Random Act of Kindness) with all of you! The RAK package is worth over $120 and I would like to share it with one of my lucky followers! Would love to take this opportunity to also know more scrappers in Singapore! This RAK win is only open to Singaporeans due to the high costs of shipping. 

What to do for a chance to win this RAK package?
-Follow me on my blog. If you guys are interested to know more about me and want to stay updated with my works, would love it if you could follow me! Leave me your blog link so I can know more about you as well! To my followers: Simply comment for a chance to win!
-Would love it if you can introduce some new friends over to my blog! Leave a comment for an additional chance to win! 

That's all for a chance to win! The RAK giveaway is open from now till 30th April 2359 and I would draw a lucky winner on 1st May 2012!

Hope you guys have a blessed week ahead and more updates soon!:)

PS: I realised that a small leaf in the Hambly sticker have disappeared! Must have fallen off somewhere! If I can't find it, would replace with another sticker of equal or more in value!

Woo winner to be selected very soon....


  1. O.o Found you through Craft eMart! Sorry that my blog is well dead... I only seem to have time for my YT channel so I'm focusing on that. I'll revive my blogspot soon. My youtube channel is flamerick. Do drop in a visit/PM if you can. Will look forward to see more stuff from you!

  2. Hi Cassandra!

    Happy 21st birthday! May your days ahead filled with joy and blessings from the Lord :)

    my blog is http://www.blissfulscrap.blogspot.com/ just in case u never pop by before. anyway is quite neglected :x


  3. Hi Cass!!

    Happy Sweet 21!! Wow.. another milestone of your life.. should have a big big celebration.. i can't even remember what i did on my 21st!!

    But anyway, i have been following your blog and your works are great.. the flower making tutorials really enlighten me esp i'm a newbie in sb..

    Well god blessed for the wonderful life ahead.. appreciate the small things in life and always be HAPPY!!

    ** btw, my blog is pretty much obsolete eversince i started bz working n had a baby... time to revive it i guess :)

    Joelle (Prakash Joelle Dervena)

  4. WOW ! What a wonderful giveaway !! THANK YOU Cassandra, you're lovely !

    My blog is : www.jesusfreak.canalblog.com

    I follow you by Bloglovin :-) and wouldn't miss one of your projects !

    Happy birthday, love and a hug from France !


  5. Cassandra, happy sweet 21st! May you have many happy returns. Thanks for always sharing interesting tutorials and enjoyed looking at your beautiful LOs too! Followig your blog too... :)

  6. Thanks so much guys for your lovely comments!:):)

  7. happy 21st bday. pretty lovely projects here. im now a follower. do come by my blog too @www.maggieuy.blogspot.com.

  8. Hi there, Cassandra!

    Love your works!
    Well,I didn't know of your blog until recently, when my friend sent me the link to your little online scrap-booking haven,i'd like to call it. And it was a pleasant surprise to find out you're having a giveaway!
    A little something about myself, i'm too going to be 21 this year and i'm too, super hyped!
    I've never really done a scrapbook per se, but i'm really fond of craft such as card making. They are usually for my close friends and family. I love to see their expressions and reactions when they receive my handmade card; the joy on their faces, I can't describe! But I know you sure know how great it feels! :)
    I'm planning on starting my very first scrapbook soon, to help me remember the pretty and heartwarming snapshots in life and safe-keep the memories!
    Your posts have given me great inspirations and ideas!
    I look forward to upcoming entries from you!

    P.s. Happy Birthday! :)

  9. Whoa thanks! Happy 21st Blessed Birthday in advance! Thankful for all of your wonderful long comments!! Love reading them and thank you for taking the effort to pen down your thoughts! Have a great day ahead!! Introduce some of your friends for a chance to win too!:):)

  10. Hi Cassandra,

    happy 21st B'day! The most memorable b'day in life, and thanks for being so sweet and generous! :))

    21st was super memorable for me last year, and I am sure yours will be totally cool too!


  11. Hi Cassandra

    Happy 21st birthday! It must be exciting stepping into this special age ... do enjoy yourself and have trust that you are able to excel in your each and every simple moments.

    I don't have a blog but enjoying surfing around looking at the lovely scrapbooking ones, and will certainly follow you on yours.

    stay happy!

  12. Hey Cassandra, thanks for this ... the collection in this RAK is juz awesome. I'm now a follower of your blog too ...

    Lastly, Happy 21st Birthday!! May this special day be magical & filled with love & joy ^^

    Cheers ...

  13. Hi Cassandra! (:

    Hope you enjoyed your 21st birthday!!! wishing all the best in the year ahead! Thanks for the many advice and ideas on scrapbooking. Love visiting your blog and stare and stare and stare at the pictures. Hahah. Totally captivating. i am still so noooob... Striving to get better during my 3.5 months holiday! :D You are my motivation!



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