Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Hello everyone! I am back today to share a layout I did using the June Kit filled with Crate Paper products! This background of my layout was made using one of the cut files on Silhouette Cameo. Have you ever had the problem of your cameo not cutting properly or not too sure which settings to go for?  

After many trials and errors, I figured out to get a perfect cut, you need to first have a smooth cardstock to reduce any possible resistance from the surface. I like to choose 250gsm smooth cardstock so that it won't be too flimsy as an embellishment. Then, I like to choose blade 5 (but that would depend entirely on how frequent you use the Cameo) for a nice cut. Hope these few tips helped! Please also share with me some of your other Cameo tips!

So happy I had the opportunity to tour around Japan's equivalent of NASA training facilities!:D Learnt a lot as well!
 photo IMG_4337_zpsmwnuzgcy.jpg

As there were simply too many photos to scrap with, I made an album to keep the extra photos!
 photo IMG_4341_zpsxomdoyes.jpg

And I added magnetic tape for my album cover and it closes tightly together! Awesome!
 photo IMG_4342_zps7pw3kjql.jpg

 photo IMG_4344_zpswa7uvrmp.jpg
I added arrow tabs from the Crate Paper collection so I can pull out the tabs easily and added journaling at the back side of the photos!
 photo IMG_4345_zpstlqbmiui.jpg
Thanks so much for dropping by! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!:D


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