Locker Room: You are dearly missed, Australia!

Hello! Cassandra here and hope your week has been great! I am back to share another layout with the September Capture kit! Love every bit of it!:D
 photo IMG_4673_zpscnpzn8xp.jpg
To create this layout, I first chose a patterned paper as the background paper then layered it with a 11.5"x11.5" white card stock. Then I splattered red ink from Maya Road randomly around the card stock.
 photo IMG_4670_zpsoplsvpu7.jpg
Next, I added a few vellum hearts from the Cocoa Vanilla Hello Lovely die cuts pack so that it won't appear too plain! photo IMG_4671_zpscvgg41h8.jpg

Then the rest would be layering it bit by bit. I like to first arrange everything so that I can get an overview of my end product and snap a photo so I know roughly where to put them. Though tedious, this has proven to help me make all my layouts more cohesive.
 photo IMG_4673_zpscnpzn8xp.jpg

 All materials can be found in the September Capture Kit:
Thanks so much for dropping by and hope some of the tips help! We would really love to see your creations! Please hashtag cliquekits on Instagram or tag us on Facebook! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!
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