Oh What Happy Times!

Heyyie all once again! Yayyie it's 29 February! A leap year! Closing the end of February with 2 layouts for Scraplicious DT assignment! This layout is dedicated to my 2 cutie pies! We had so much fun chilling at UTown during my recess week. Lots of sharing as well!:) 

And oh how I heart Crate Paper Random Collection! Just looking at them makes me HAPPY <3 s!

To them:

"Friends are people who reaches for your hand... and touches your heart." - Kathleen Grove 

Had so much fun chilling out with the girls at UTown! And oh the wonderful and long updates from each other at Bruce Lee Cafe!! And thanks to them for agreeing for the photo shoot and abiding to my every instruction!:) HAHA

Products used:
-AC white cardstock
-Crate Paper - random collection -Textile
-Crate Paper - random collection -Victorian
-Crate Paper - random collection -Vintage
-Crate Paper - random collection -Pattern
-Crate Paper - random collection -Wallpaper
-Crate Paper - random collection - die cuts and stickers
-Crate Paper -Cottage Collection - fireflies
-Making Memories - Joy metal signs
-The Girls' Paperie - vintage whimsy sticker market
-Martha Stewart punch all over the page - classic butterfly
-Twinery- lemon sorbet
-Prima sugar blooms flowers moulin
-Distress inks - tea dye and tattered rose
-Ranger glossy accent

Most products are available at Scraplicious so head on down soon!!:):) Yayyie!

Till my next update, take care and God Bless! And yay to an exciting month of March and April! ;) Watch out for more updates!


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