First attempt at My Mind's Eye Tote Bag!

Hey guys!! What an exciting day today! I spent the whole day working on this project!:) This is the My Mind's Eye DIY tote collection! Look at the gorgeous fabric! Yay my first attempt at sewing a tote. 

Pretty pretty!
After cutting the fabric from the panel!

Yay, back to my long unused sewing machine!

Yay completed the handles!

Done with the inner lining!

Sewing them together!

And I added some lace and buttons for interest!


Yay and all the fun packing up!!:)

What a fruitful day! Try it out and send me your completed project! Would love to gain new ideas! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!


  1. Very nice! I would have messed it up. I totally love the look of your blog. Where can I find such a background? Thanks.

  2. Heyyie! Thanks so much! Head on to ! They have really nice and free backgrounds,headers and tabs to choose from!:)


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