Volkswagen Lego Camper Van

Hey guys!! How have all of you been??:) Been enjoying my summer holidays travelling around and have just returned from my Overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) in July and to see myself flying off again to Paris and London with my parents! It's certainly taken a toll on my health but I must say it was a good family time and bonding session in Europe! Enjoyed touring around on our own and immersing ourselves in their local culture and sampling their awesome food and meeting the awesome locals! We have many good experiences there! 

I had lots of fun in Indonesia doing my OCIP as well. Spent 2 weeks there serving the local community and spread awareness on disease prevention and did a few health screenings. In addition, we had an exchange with a few local academies there and had enjoyed ourselves very much and learnt a lot from each other!

That's the summary of what I did for the whole month of June/July and sadly, my holidays are nearing to an end with school starting on the 13 August! Having said that, I am also pretty excited for school to start! To learn more things and it would also mean I am closer to graduating! :D Would pull up my socks this new semester and hopefully be able to improve my CAP score and get to a good graduate program in the future. :)

And oh, besides the travelling, I have also spent this whole month catching up with friends and I have managed to build a Lego Camper Van. I love how much thought and effort have been put in to churn this design out and it is so detailed and are even customisable (if you have the patience and willingness to buy for the extra parts from Lego trade markets all around the world!)! My boyfriend did a black camper van by looking through my inventory and buying all the parts from all around the world! Much effort but highly satisfying at the end of the day!! Knowing you have the only black Camper Van with your initials attached to the bus and changing the car plate! So cool! Starting to appreciate Lego a lot more recently and is gonna ga-ga over their winter town 2012 collection! Whoa!! 

So I started building this from scratch and completed it in 2 days!! That's 1332 pieces!

Hope you have enjoyed the photos as much as I did!:) It's back to scrapping and I am almost fully charged for scrapping! Hands are itching to start scrapping!! To my next update, take care and God Bless!! May you have a pleasant week ahead!!


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