Good News! Missing 2011 and welcoming 2012!

Yay to good news again! Been really busy these past few days trying to adapt back to the school environment and sorting out all the problems with my tutorial and module bidding! Sleepless nights trying to take photos of my stash and selling them online! HAHA! And oh, I have just completed my DT assignments! Just needa find time over the next few days to take photos of them!

Oh to the good news, my layouts are being published on Scrap And Art Magazine! A pleasant surprise for a new year! I know today is the 12th of January and almost reaching the third week, but rather than never saying it, I am going to pen down my New Year resolution!

First of all, I am thankful for a good year last year! Though busy, I have managed to accomplished quite a few things such as :
-Being able to travel to Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Egypt (whoa, I didn't know I travelled so much!:X )
-My significant first time at :
=Sitting on top of a moving bus
=Riding a motorcycle 
=Riding a quartz bike 
=Taking a hot air balloon
=Riding on a camel
=Riding on a 4-wheel safari jeep
=Sailing on a boat
=Eating sea urchin (Super sweet from Japan!)
-Being able to balance my studies and my OCIP commitment as a Program Director
-Joining the team of talented ladies at Scraplicious
-Being published in magazines and winning competitions
-And the nitty gritty things (that also contribute to what makes it such an awesome year!)

And so (drum roll), the resolutions I have for myself this year would be:
-Committing to walking closer to God (consistent QT and more knowledge)
-Balancing my studies (I mean being able to do well) with my many other commitments
-Being able to do my job well and deliver at Scraplicious
-Being a good leader and facilitator for my OCIP trip coming July
-Continue to work and improve my photography skills
-Being able to learn and try new things such as : 
=Riding on a helicopter (touring New York :O )
=Sky diving/ Hand gliding
=Attending a professional cooking class
-Trying my best to give back to society by:
=Continuing my commitment to Kiva
=Have a 21st birthday plan for raising funds for my cause
=Helping the people around me!

Woo... I think that's pretty much on my plate! We shall see how it goes! Okay take care! Pictures of my assignments to be uploaded soon! *Love is in the air* 

Till my next update, God Bless and enjoy your week ahead!


Thanks so much for leaving some love on this blog! Truly appreciated! Have a great day ahead!