Love Stitched Card

Heyyie all! How have you guys been? Sharing a stitched card I made using Timeless Twine!:D I separated the kraft and white twine and used only the brown twine for stitching around the border!

And splatter some distress stains and ta-da! A simple card completed under 15 minutes!:D Try it!

 photo IMG_0585_zpsc2cc8484.jpg

 photo IMG_0588_zps1d5fe7e3.jpg

Products used:
-Amy Tangerine stitching stencil
-Timeless Twine: Cherry Red Timeless TwinePumpkin Orange Twine and Kraft Brown Twine
-Distress stains: spun sugar and tattered straw

Thanks all for your support and sending me some love! So excited to share that I am taking part in Lock+Store Flea market for the second year!:D Hope to cya there for all the awesome Singapore scrappers!:D

Till my next update, take care and God Bless!:D


  1. love how you stitched with the twine :)

  2. What a lovely card. Great idea to stitch on it!

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