It's a great collaboration!

Heyyie guys! Happy Friday!! Hope your week has been good! So excited to be playing with both Peachy Keen and Timeless Twine this month!:D Have you gotten your products yet??

Here's my take: 

 photo IMG_0238_zps886e7af7.jpg

 photo IMG_0243_zpsd02bc30d.jpg

 photo IMG_0240_zpsba709d3b.jpg

Playing with Razzleberry sorbet and you are a star stamp. I made such a cute bookmark with it!:D

And I couldn't get enough of the stamps and went on the make a nice Christmas treats bag!:D

 photo IMG_0244_zpsdad61159.jpg

 photo IMG_0248_zps641379f1.jpg

I love this Penguin set!:D
Items used:

                          Timeless Twine

Peachy Keen Stamps

Hope you have enjoyed it!

Any creative inspiration with Timeless Twine and Peachy Keen Stamps? Share your project with us on Facebook! We would love to see them!! Or wanting to stock up on your supplies? Head over to Bella Creationz and Peachy Keen stamps now!

Thanks for dropping by and have a twine-fastic day! Till my next update, take care and God bless!


  1. fabulous projects.. love your amazing creativity..

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