Spinning my way to school!!:D

Heyyie!How have your week been? School's pretty much okay with more independent learning! How time flies! It's already my fourth year in school and I will be almost graduating! 

I love the Simple Stories Smarty Pants Collection! Too cute!:D For Papermarket DT September, I created a spinning wheel of fun!:D

Here's my take: 

This time, I decided to create something more interactive and fun!:D

A spinning school wheel! Whee!:D

 photo IMG_0226_zps79a9956d.jpg

 photo IMG_0234_zps2fbc6d14.jpg

I made it into a spinning wheel by adding a fastener at the back of the cardstock!:D How easy and fun!

Interested to know how I recreated this? Does it look like it requires an embellishment pack?

 photo IMG_0232_zps9156f923.jpg

Here's the answer:

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps3a08831c.jpg

Try it! Save money by choosing a cardstock that have lots of patterns to cut from! Hope you have enjoyed this really short tutorial!:D

Till my next update, take care and God Bless!:D


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