Timeless Twine Wicked Fun Halloween Blog Hop!

Wicked Fun Halloween Blog Hop

Come fly along with us on this wicked fun hop. 
We all will be showcasing two brand new Timeless Twine colors "Solid Black" and "Solid Orange" and our popular "Orange Licorice" which is back in stock for all you Halloween lovers!

Even better for all you Halloween fans, there is also a Halloween Mini Embellishment Kit that is sure to make any of your projects boo-tiful!

You should have arrived here from Brianna's blog. 
The lineup will be below in case you missed any or want to start from the beginning.

Blog Hop Line up

Without further ado, here's my project woo...:

Have you seen/receive the kit yet?! It's stocked with amazing goodies!! I am so sad to say that Singapore don't celebrate Halloween!:( So making such treat bags for friends ain't commonly practiced! But I still had lotsa fun making this!!:D 

 photo photo2_zps93cfcdef.jpg
Your Next Stop is Debbie's blog!

Don't forget there is also wonderful Halloween mix of sequins you can purchase in the SHOP

So please join in the fun and hop!! And the winner gets the limited edition Halloween embellishment kit and Halloween mix of sequins!!

Credits to Catch my Party and Urban Bliss for their awesome free printables! 

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  1. Way fun treat bags Cassandra! I love the blood splatter! AWESOME!

  2. Thanks babe! U are always the sweetest!!

  3. Your projects are super adorable Cassandra! Love them

  4. Great ideas and projects! So sorry you are in Singapore and miss all the fun!


  5. Your little treat bags are so cute!

  6. what??!!! no halloween?? bummer :( but your treat bags are sure to be a hit with your friends :)

  7. Very fun treat bags, very cool!!!

  8. How fun! I love the added splatters of ink. So clever!

  9. Great Halloween treat bags.

    marg0006 at Verizon dot

  10. How cute! The sequins are a pretty touch.

  11. You can start a new tradition among your friends. The bags are decorated so great.
    thanks for sharing.

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