DIY Twine Holder

Heyyie guys, I have recently bought a few spools of twines and was wondering where to keep them and have been seeing people purchasing expensive racks to hold them. My trip to DAISO gave me the idea to make my very own DIY rack! At a cost price of only $4! Plus, it's so quick and easy! All done in 30 minutes!:)

This is my supply list! To note, I have decided to switch the long wooden sticks to shorter ones as I do not have the machine to cut them nicely hence the surface area in contact with my wood would be minimised and this would weaken the structure.

Firstly, I pasted the card stock on my wood!

Then, I glued the wooden sticks with my wood glue (Add pressure and hold it in place to remove any air bubbles inside it).

Create any style you like that suits the number of spools you have! If I had a thinner wood, I would adhere it to the back so that my spools at the back will be elevated!

Do try it out and send me a link of your project!

Till my next update, take care and God Bless! Have a blessed week ahead!:)


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