Homemade Chocolate Cake!

Heyyie! For the first time, I have decided to upload something non-scrapbook related! That's because I am super proud of the chocolate cake I(single-handedly :P) baked today!:)

Truth be told, I am never a big fan of desserts and never enjoy eating them! However, I love the process of baking! How weird right! It's like cooking and not eating what you cook! But I do certainly find it really therapeutic baking! A good break after my 7 work-day attachment I guess! Taken a toll on me but still able to cope from the fatigue!

So, for KY's 22nd Birthday, I baked a cake following Nigella's Feast Receipe but did quite a bit of changes, especially the icing sugar and sugar in general! Her recipe is WAY TOO SWEET for my liking!

Here's a link if you wanna try:

So now, here's many pictures I took! Sadly, I was in a rush and didn't change the camera settings. Ain't too happy with the shots!:X 

 photo 1365355419059_zps0de936f0.png

 photo IMG_7489_zpsf227262d.jpg

 photo IMG_7495_zps061f3eb5.jpg

I played with Mummy's mixer and I love how consistent the mixture turned out!

 photo IMG_7517_zpsbfa3a911.jpg

 photo IMG_7518_zps14aa4bb6.jpg

 photo IMG_7526_zps573f8788.jpg

For decoration!

 photo IMG_7539_zps596205a4.jpg

Woo I love how sharp this blade is! Because of it, I managed to cut really straight across for the layered effect!

 photo IMG_7546_zps9bc91589.jpg

 photo IMG_7547_zpsc63c172b.jpg

 photo IMG_7551_zpsd8a76ebf.jpg

 photo IMG_7552copy_zpsa240b82a.jpg

 photo IMG_7556_zps4f7cdf5a.jpg

Have fun baking! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!


Thanks so much for leaving some love on this blog! Truly appreciated! Have a great day ahead!