Project Life Week 6!

Heyyie guys! Having lotsa fun playing with the core kits from Project Life as well as free printables! In fact, all my printables are free and I love how pretty they are and so convenient to print! I especially love downloading Miss Tiina's printables! Simply adorable!!

Here's a summary of week 6 playing with her printables!

 photo IMG_7701_zpscf862a28.jpg

 photo IMG_7698_zps0a20670d.jpg

Products used:
-Miss Tiina's printables
-Project Life Clementine and Seafoam Collection
-Thickers sparkling glitter letters
-Washi tape

Hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed making it!

Till my next update, take care and God bless! 


  1. wo wow Cass! you make me want to do PL :P (i just dont know when!) these are awesome.. i really wish i had all the time : (

  2. Thanks Gen!! Stopped scrapping for about a month and finally got the mood and time to play catch up! It requires a lot of perseverance:P From taking photos all the way to setting time aside each week to work on each layout! Don't stress yourself about the when part! Start by probably scrapping PL for only special events? Then when you have more time, increase the number of spreads? ;) I mean PL was never about scrapping daily, but about preserving memories! So really depends on you!:D I suggest you start slow and simple! The kit helps a lot because it's all ready cut and so pretty already!:P

  3. Yes I can totally feel you! Time is never on my side! So much things to do, so little time:(

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