Project Life Week 14!

I am almost done with playing catch-up and uploading so many blog posts at one shot!!

 photo IMG_7666_zps03bc94d5.jpg

 photo IMG_7668_zps4dedbbf0.jpg

And I got hold of this 40 year old baby!:D

 photo IMG_7667_zps900924d5.jpg

 photo IMG_7671_zps6358de90.jpg

Products used:
-Project Life Clementine and Seafoam Collection
-Studio Callico roller date stamp
-Studio Calico wood veneer hearts and arrows
-Thickers sparkling glitter letters
-Findingnana flair buttons
-Cameo cuts-Miss Tiina's printables

Really hoping to be able to get the Polaroid up and take some nice shots!! Still patiently waiting for the films to arrive!

Till my next update, take care and God Bless! 


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