Project Life Week 9 & 10!

Heyyie guys! How have you been? Still playing catch up and here's my take on Week 9 & 10 of Project Life!

 photo IMG_7686_zps1455dd84.jpg

Love this rain flower I saw during one of my morning walks at the park! It was just after a drizzle and such flowers bloom in wet weather! How lovely is that when you see them bloom after the rain! And this serves as a reminder for me that whatever life put you through, don't be quick to give up for it may turn out to be a good ending.

 photo IMG_7684_zpsaeee7704.jpg

And happy that I have taken my last practical exam in university!:D 

 photo IMG_7682_zpsb92fe79b.jpg

I finally make a trip to the Law campus and how beautiful it is!:D So serene and an environment conducive for studying!:D

 photo IMG_7688_zps6c0258e8.jpg

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making them!:D

Products used:
-Project Life Clementine and Seafoam Collection
-Cameo cuts
-Studio Calico roller date stamp
-Thickers sparkling glitter letters
-Washi tape
-Findingnana flair buttons
-Miss Tiina's printables

Till my next update, take care and God bless! 


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